MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server make a perfect couple to offer an idyllic communication environment to a workplace. Exchange Server stores all the user mailboxes in a single database termed as EDB or Exchange Database. Exchange Server has different profiles or mailboxes for every individual user that are accessed by users with their Exchange Server email client. Talking of OST file, it is the exact replica of user data stored on Exchange mailboxes. The user mailbox information is saved on client’s computer system in the form of OST file. 

OST file allows a user in number of ways; as it allows you to work offline or when Exchange Server connection is absent. Using these files, you can create, delete, send, and receive emails etc similar to the way when a user is connected to Exchange Server. However, OST files often suffer from the drawback of accessibility. OST files act inaccessible when synchronization with Exchange Server fails, OST corrupts or mailbox gets deleted from the Server. 

Due to number of reasons, users are unable to access their user mailboxes on Exchange Server through MS Outlook. The reason behind this issue might be related to permission, corrupt OST file or synchronization issues. Under these circumstances, OST to PST conversion might just help you resolving the inaccessibility issue. All this makes the OST file inaccessible, orphaned and unusable. Performing manual OST to PST conversion is the only way to extract the data from inaccessible OST files. Suppose you try logging on to MS Exchange Server to access user mailboxes but when you try to access the user mailbox, you come across the following error:

Unable to display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook could not access the specified folder location. The operation failed.”

After the occurrence of this error message, the inaccessibility issue persists, synchronization process stops and OST to PST conversion halts amidst. At times the error message occurs when Everyone group is not assigned Create named properties in the Information Store privileges. This issue arises when the OST file gets damaged or there are certain synchronization issues with MS Exchange Server and MS Outlook. In all these cases, you must perform OST to PST conversion and resolve the error to retrieve OST data efficiently. 

In order to offer an effective solution to this issue, you can assign Create named properties in Information Store privileges to Everyone group. Using third party OST to PST conversion tool is an excellent and sure-shot way to resolve the issue of OST corruption issue. These OST to PST conversion tools are devised specifically to perform in-depth scan of corrupt inaccessible or damaged OST file, extract all the data from them and save the data in PST file format. OST to PST conversion will allow you to perform quick, easy and safe scan. 

Pertaining to the robust and output-driven algorithm of this OST to PST conversion tool, you can easily convert Unicode characters. Therefore, OST to PST conversion tool is an ideal and potential solution to resolve issues of OST data inaccessibility. This tool will successfully convert all your inaccessible OST file data into PST file format so that you can access the same using MS Outlook. After converting OST to PST, the newly-devised PST file can be directly imported into MS Outlook and can be used to access data from MS Outlook. 

In case you have doubts related to the working or accuracy of the OST to PST conversion tool, you can always switch to the free demo version of this software. The free evaluation version of this OST to PST conversion software allows you to extract data from the inaccessible OST files. However, it restricts you from saving the extracted data from OST to PST file format. In order to save the entire data so extracted, you need to purchase the product key of this OST to PST conversion software. 

The free evaluation version of the ost to pst conversion tool allows you to extract the data from inaccessible OST files. However, it restricts you from saving the extracted data from OST to PST file format. To save the complete data, you need to have the product key of this OST to PST conversion software.For more information:



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